Roughly two years ago, I discovered the wonders of self-improvement. Since then, I’ve started to really understand myself, my emotions, and my drives, in order to be a better person (you’ll have to ask my nearest and dearest to know if it’s actually worked or not!) I’ve realised that I have the power to change my habits, my characteristics, and even my likes and dislikes. How cool is that?

Turns out, we all have the capacity to make ourselves better and better, from eating less chocolate to learning a new language. This blog is based around my own-self improvement stories, but I’m hoping that you can get something out of it too.

Disclaimer: One of my in-progress areas of self-improvement is learning the value of my own opinions, and being willing to put them in front of the crowd. This blog is the best way I could think of to work on this area, so the blog is almostĀ more for me than it is for you!

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